Limited Liability Company

Each year, millions of new businesses are registered throughout the country. For years corporations have been the preferred form of business, but the limited liability company is becoming more popular every year. The reason for this is that limited liability companies provide more flexibility and less paperwork than corporations, while offering nearly identical benefits. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of an LLC, types of LLCs, and more.


Forming an LLC Other Steps After Forming an LLC Ownership of an LLC Comparing an LLC to a Sole Proprietorship and a Partnership State Procedures for Forming an LLC Taxes for an LLC Managing an LLC Reasons to Form an LLC Limited Liability Company or LLC - Common LLC Terms Advantages and Disadvantages of an LLC LLCs Compared to Limited Partnerships Disadvantages of an LLC LLC Education: Quick Answers to the Top Seven LLC Questions What is a Limited Liability Company Ownership Percentages Converting an Existing Business LLCs Compared to General Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships LLCs Compared to Corporations Overview of LLC Advantages and Disadvantages Asset Protection: Overview Requirements For Asset Protection Charging Orders and LLCs Domestic or Foreign LLC Member-Managed or Manager-Managed Single Member or Multiple Member LLCs Regular or Professional LLCs Starting Your LLC: Overview Choosing the Company Name Where Should You Form the LLC Articles of Organization Operating Agreement Tax Forms Employees Bank Accounts Licenses Capital Structure Membership Interests Getting Investors Day to Day Activities Records Member Meetings Salaries Distributions Loans Taxes Annual Report Amending an LLC: Overview Amending the Articles of Organization Amending the Operating Agreement Changing the Registered Agent or Office Dissolving an LLC: Overview Administrative Dissolution Events Requiring Dissolution Articles of Dissolution Judicial Dissolution Distribution of Assets Dissolution and Bankruptcy Limited Liability Company: Introduction LLC Advantages and Disadvantages: Overview Types of LLCs: Overview

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