10 Easy Businesses to Start

10 Easy Businesses to Start

by Belle Wong, J.D., October 2015

Are you looking to start a business? Whether you've been thinking about the best small business to start or just want to dip your feet into the entrepreneurial waters with a small side business, starting a new business these days has never been so easy. If you're looking for an easy business to start, the trick is to keep in mind the costs you'll incur as well as any permits or licenses you might need to acquire and rules and regulations you need to follow in order to ensure your new business stays legally compliant.

So what's the best small business to start? There are many easy startup businesses out there, and the best business to start for one person may not be a good business for someone else. A lot depends on your own particular skills and talents, as well as the kind of work you enjoy doing. A good way to start your research into starting a business, whether it's a home based business or any other kind of business start up, is to look over easy business ideas like the ones we've listed below to see if any of them look appealing to you.

Easy Business Ideas

The question "What business to start?" can be a challenging one, mainly because there are so many choices out there. The best business to start is usually the one that is a good fit for your talents and skills, lets you do something you enjoy and is within range of your start-up business budget.

You should be able to implement any of the following easy business ideas as a sole proprietor; that way you'll reduce your start-up costs even more. But if you find your new business venture taking off, keep in mind that other options, such as forming a limited liability company (LLC), are also open to you.

  1. Pet care. If you love animals and would enjoy working with them on a day to day basis, starting a pet care business might be the ideal option for you. You could offer dog walking services, pet sitting or even pet grooming. You should, of course, have experience work-ing with animals, whether it's your own or others. You should also check with your local and state authorities to see what permits or licenses might be required, as well as explore your insurance options.

  2. Freelance writing.. Enjoy working with words? Or perhaps you find you have a way with words, and everyone is always complimenting you on the things you write. Setting up a freelance writing business may be the way to go. There are many options available to you: you can provide content for web sites in the form of blog posts or web articles; you could offer copywriting services, in which you help market your client's products or ser-vices; or you could provide articles for local, regional or national print publications. In many ways starting up a freelance writing business is the easiest business to start, be-cause you won't need much more than a computer and an Internet connection in order to begin. Because you'll most likely be working out of your home, be sure to check into lo-cal home business regulations.

  3. Vintage clothing and accessory sales. If you love vintage clothes and accessories, and spend all of your spare time wandering through thrift stores, open air markets and es-tate sales looking for that perfect scarf or necklace, you might want to consider selling your great finds. Online auction sites and marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy offer an easy way for you to sell your vintage treasures, and you can also rent space at local marketplaces and fairs. If you're interested in going into vintage clothing and accessory sales, make sure to check your state's sales tax laws, as your state may require you to collect sales tax for the items you sell.

  4. Virtual assistant. If you're good at administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, writing emails, and getting things organized, working as a virtual assistant might be the perfect new business for you. These days many businesses can't afford to hire a full-time assistant but they still might need help occasionally with administrative matters. In such cases, the services of a virtual assistant can prove very helpful. Because this is likely a business you'll start within your home, remember to check local home business rules to make sure you're in compliance.

  5. Website publisher. Do you have a passion for something, perhaps a hobby with which you're obsessed? Starting up a website that discusses your passion or hobby may be an ideal business for you. These days, websites can earn money in a number of ways, including affiliate sales, in which you get a commission whenever someone buys some-thing through a link on your site, site sponsorships, advertising sales and even sales of your own product. As you'll likely be running your website from your home, you will need to comply with local home-based business regulations; and if you're considering selling your own products, make sure to check local state sales tax requirements.

  6. Transcription services. If you're a fast typist and good at taking dictation, a business that specializes in transcription services might be the right business for you. Medical transcriptionists are often in high demand, and you'll also find that journalists often also have a need for transcription services to transcribe their interviews. Again, this is another business you can easily start from your home, so make sure you've checked out local home business laws.

  7. Cleaning services. If you enjoy cleaning tasks, a cleaning services business might be a good business start-up option for you. You can offer cleaning services not only for residences, but also for corporations and other businesses. You'll probably need a vehicle to transport your cleaning equipment from client to client, but other than that your equipment and supplies costs will likely be minimal, unless you offer specialized services such as carpet cleaning. Check with your local and state authorities to see if there are any special licenses or permits required; there may also be insurance or bonding requirements, as you'll be in and out of clients' homes and places of business.

  8. Property management. If you live in an area that features a lot of rental property, or an area where there is a lot of property that gets rented out seasonally, a property management business might be a good business opportunity. Your job would entail things such as ensuring the rental properties in your care are well-maintained, and if they are vacant for long periods of time, checking in on the properties regularly to make sure everything is fi-ne. When looking into setting up a property management business, don't forget to check into requirements such as liability insurance and bonding.

  9. Handmade goods. Are you a whiz with the knitting needles? Or maybe you're a pro at designing jewelry everyone around you is always clamoring to wear. If your skills as a maker are stellar, it may be time to explore selling your handmade goods. You can sell your creations online at marketplaces like Etsy, and most cities and towns have craft fairs where you can rent a booth to sell your goods. Be sure to check in with your state sales tax department if you do decide to sell the things you create.

  10. Personal shopper. If you love to shop and live in an urban environment where you have access to lots of stores and boutiques, consider offering personal shopping services. Many executives and managers today often can't squeeze enough time into their busy calendars to do things like find the perfect gift for a loved one, but if they don't get that perfect gift, their personal relationships would suffer. As a personal shopper, you'd be coming to the rescue in situations like this. As always, it's a good idea to check to see what regulations apply to you, including home-based business laws if you'll have your base of business operations running out of your home.

There are lots of options for easy businesses to start quickly, cheaply, and easily but the best choices will always utilize your strengths and engage you.

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