14 business letter templates every business should have

Here are some of the more common templates you should have at the ready.

by Ronna L. DeLoe, Esq.
updated May 11, 2023 ·  3min read

Businesses use numerous letters in the course of their day-to-day operations, whether it be with the public, their employees, or other companies. To make correspondence more efficient, particularly with common tasks, you can keep a supply of letter templates on hand.

X Business Letter Templates Every Business Should Have

The following list is not exhaustive, but it contains some of the more common templates your business should have ready to go.

1. Cease and desist letter

A cease and desist letter informs another company that they're infringing your trademark or brand, causing confusion between your company and theirs. The letter demands that they stop using their logo or company name immediately, or your company will take legal action.

2. Demand letter

Your company uses a demand letter when someone owes the company money and you're trying to collect it. In the letter, you explain the work your company performed, when you performed it, how much they owe, and when payment is due, among other facts.

3. Business acknowledgment letter

Companies send acknowledgment letters for many reasons, especially for confirmation that you've received certain goods or services. You can acknowledge receipt of anything—such as a letter, a proposal, a donation, or funding—so you may want to have several such templates available.

4. Adjustment letter

An adjustment letter, also called a claim adjustment letter or an acknowledgment of a customer complaint, is used after a customer or vendor has made a complaint that you are now attempting to resolve. This differs from a business acknowledgment letter, which is a letter of confirmation.

5. Sales introduction letter

Your company sends a sales introduction letter when you want to get new customers but don't want to knock on doors. Sometimes a formal sales letter will get you an invitation to display your products, but other times they're ineffective. Make sure you know who your target audience is, that the audience is relevant to your product or service, and that you explain what your company can do for them.

6. Thank-you letter

It's good for customer relations to thank your customers. Such letters are often used for customers who have purchased large quantities of your product or who have a continuing business relationship with you. Keep the tone professional while being sincere in your appreciation for their business.

7. Applicant rejection letter

If you decide a job applicant is not the right fit for the position, it's best to send an applicant rejection letter rather than tell them by phone, as the discussion could turn ugly in a heartbeat. Such a letter is more formal and keeps you at arm's length from a dejected applicant.

8. Letter of resignation

While an employee may quit for many reasons, it's a good idea to have your own letter of resignation form available for them. Doing so can help terminate the business relationship faster.

9. Employee termination letter

If you've decided that you want to let an employee go, having an employee termination letter form allows you to end the employment in a firm, formal, and business-appropriate manner.

10. Letter of inquiry

Your company can use a letter of inquiry to request any information that it needs in the course of business, such as how much someone charges for bookkeeping or website services.

11. Follow-up letter

Your company should have a follow-up letter to check on proposals you've made or to see where you stand with customers or vendors.

12. Letter of intent

Businesses use letters of intent to negotiate deals for goods or services. Such a letter is often a first step towards creating the final contract.

13. Business letter of recommendation

An employee might ask for a business letter of recommendation if they're moving to another location or seeking a job in a different industry. By complying with the request, you can maintain a good relationship with the employee, even though you are parting ways.

14. Academic letter of recommendation

Likewise, you'll want to help a valued employee get into a school of their choice with an academic letter of recommendation.

Having these templates available can help make your business far more efficient so that you're not scrambling to throw something together when the need arises. The completed letters can be sent either by traditional mail or email, depending on your needs and the situation.

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