10 Best Travel Apps

10 Best Travel Apps

by Heather R. Johnson, November 2015

Whether you’re traveling across the state or around the world, technology can help you get there on time, at the right price and with lists of fun things to do at your fingertips. Check out our 10 top travel apps for the savvy traveler. This year’s list includes some of the best free travel apps, including iPhone apps and other mobile phone apps, as well as apps available for little cost.

Best Hotel App


Many travelers use sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia or Hotels.com to research room rates, amenities, quality, and to ultimately book a hotel close to their destination. Expedia’s travel app clues users into exclusive discounts on last-minute bookings. It also lets you book car rentals and search for activities worldwide. Expedia tops our Best Free Apps list. Available for iPhone and Android.

Price: Free

Hotel Tonight

For the seat-of-your pants traveler, Hotel Tonight posts last-minute room rates for vacant properties. Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Price: Free

Travel Itinerary App


The uber-organized will appreciate TripIt’s custom itinerary feature. The TripIt itinerary app lets you create custom, shareable itineraries and store travel documents. Forward confirmation e-mails to TripIt and they will create a schedule for you. Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Free; TripIt Pro, $49 per year.

Airport Apps


Stuck in Dallas on your way to New York? GateGuru gives you a map of the terminals, airport restaurant reviews, and the average wait time at security. Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Price: Free


FlightTrack lets you follow thousands of flights on zoomable maps with information on departure gates, delays and cancellations. Available for iPhone and iPad and Android.

Price: $4.99


FlightAware offers free flight tracking services, as well as a “misery map” that shows the number of delays and cancellations per airport. For iPhone.

Price: Free; $19.95 per month for commercial accounts.

Restaurant Apps


Want to find the best gumbo in New Orleans? Check out Foodspotting. It provides user-generated information on the best spots for a certain dish in your local area. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Price: Free


Gogobot, a social travel app, provides user-generated tips on where to eat, stay and play. Users upload photos and information and tag based on interests, such as family, foodie, outdoor or budget. Available for iPhone and Android.

Price: Free

Translation Apps

Google Translate

Certainly one of the most popular translation apps, with Google Translate, you can type to translate 90 languages; use your camera to translate text in 26 languages; use two-way speech translation in 40 languages; and download language packs for those times when connection is slow, expensive, or nonexistent. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Price: Free

Travel Planning Apps

AroundMe allows users to find nearby restaurants, hotels, theaters, hospitals and other points of interest, making travel planning a breeze. The travel planning app gives you a list of businesses in the category tapped along with the distance from where you are. Available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Price: Free

Other Cool Apps


GasBuddy helps you find gas by location and price. Plug in your data and GasBuddy will tell you if you should exit now for gas, or drive two more miles to save a few cents a gallon. Available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Price: Free

This list only scratches the surface of some of the best travel apps 2015. These and other convenient, affordable apps can help you pack, book flights and hotels, and ultimately plan a trip that meets your budget and your sightseeing wish list. Don’t leave your phone at home!