11 Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should Be Reading

11 Blogs Every Small Business Owner Should Be Reading

by Bilal Kaiser, July 2013

The concept of blogging hit the mainstream only within the last decade and now most of us have at least a handful of blogs we read regularly. Recent estimates say there are 250 to 300 million blogs in existence, and with help from the blog-finding site Tumblr, one can find a blog on almost any topic.

Here we highlight 11 favorite blogs for entrepreneurs and marketers.

1. Seth Godin's Blog – Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, author and a celebrity in marketing circles. He often inspires people to try different ways of doing things, and his blog mixes commentary, news and personal anecdotes to share such an approach.

Recent posts: a) Different or remarkable? b) Memo to the modern COO

2. OPEN Forum – A small business-focused blog from American Express, OPEN Forum is an excellent resource for business leaders, covering everything from managing people to marketing to technology. A broad range of contributors keeps the ideas fresh and helps bring perspectives from various industries.

Recent posts: a) The One Decision That Could Make or Break Your Brand, b) The Secret to Drama-Free Confrontations at Work

3. Ask a Manager – This is a must-read if you're looking for career advice or want to be a better manager. Alison Green started the Q&A blog a few years ago and its popularity has grown tremendously. Her answers are always reasonable, her background in nonprofits brings a fresh perspective, and she's a frequent contributor to U.S. News & World Report on career search and management issues.

Recent posts: a) How to Interview a Really Nervous Job Candidate, b) My Friend is a Bad Employee — How Can I Help?

4. The Pioneer Woman – She calls herself a desperate housewife who channels Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh and Ethel Merman. Packed with everything form recipes to a full range of DIY projects, the Pioneer Woman recently released her second cookbook and even has a show on Food Network. Her loyal readers support her posts with hundreds, sometimes thousands of comments, and to call it just another lifestyle blog would be a disservice.

Recent posts: a) Fostering Teamwork in Kids, b) 16-minute Meals

5. Small Business Trends – As the name suggests, this blog covers news and trends in the small business world. The site has a great sense of community with an active spirit that's evident in comments and discussions.

Recent posts: a) 7 Ways Savvy Businesses Use Mobile, b) Consumers Love Shopping in Stores – It's Checkout They Hate

6. Harvard Business Review Blog Network – Perhaps the crème de la crème of business-related sites, the HBR Blog presents detailed insights, deeply researched case studies and insightful opinion pieces. Whether you're trying to figure out how to lead a business or see where your efforts might fit into the human experience, the HBR blogs have probably covered it.

Recent posts: a) When Your Work Holds You Hostage, b) How Ideal Is Your Company?

7. Mashable – If you do anything that touches tech or social media, you need to read Mashable at least once a day. The site has firmly established its place in the digital world and has a wealth of news, trends and case studies that are invaluable for businesses navigating new media.

Recent posts: a) How Not to Apply for a Job in the Digital Age, b) Your Xbox 360 Is Now a Time Warner Cable Box, Too, c) The Young Still Read Books in Print (For Now)

8. Copyblogger – This content-marketing-focused site has a great blog covering everything from copywriting to SEO. While the site sells various ebooks and training services, the articles are free and feature some well-known names in the industry.

Recent posts: a) 6 Simple Steps to Writing Seductive Web Copy, b) 10 Principles for Turning into a Killer (Copywriter)

9. Noobpreneur – Focused exclusively on small businesses and new entrepreneurs, Noobpreneur is a startup on its own and is a good forum for those looking to launch a small business.

Recent posts: a) 10 FREE Government Programs for Marketers to Increase Sales and Profits, b) Want to Start a Business? How to Determine the Best Structure

10.  Matt Cutts – Blogging since 2005, Matt's blog covers SEO as well as general developments in technology. What's great about this blog is the expertise and exposure that comes from Matt's day job—as head of Google's Webspam team.

Recent posts: a) What to Expect in SEO in the Coming Months, b) Reverse Engineering a Windows USB Driver.

11.  LegalZoom Blog – What blog list would be complete without our own? The LegalZoom blog highlights intriguing legal cases, intellectual property protection issues and weekly roundups of stories related to the small business world.

Recent posts: a) Two “Boston Strong” Trademark Applications Cause Controversy, b) Would You Want Your Small Business on a Reality Television Show?

Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Inc. are not blogs per se, but are great resources and pack in a ton of information about running a business and managing your life. Which blogs or sites do you check out regularly that should be on this list? Talk to us in the comments! 

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