Meet Shanice Crawford: Our LegalZoom Scholarship Grant Winner

Meet Shanice Crawford: Our LegalZoom Scholarship Grant Winner

by Jane Haskins, Esq., November 2018


It all started with a problem. College student Shanice Crawford wanted a job that could accommodate her class and study schedule. She started driving for Uber and quickly realized that rideshare driving could be a great solution for other students too.

If only they had cars.

And thus Crawford's business idea was born: a car rental and mentoring service that will help people earn money as rideshare drivers – without having to own a car. Crawford has been named the winner of LegalZoom's Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship Grant.

Crawford, a 24-year-old philosophy and political science major at Lehman College in the Bronx, is thrilled. She knows firsthand that it can be hard to balance work and school. For many students, the flexibility of rideshare driving “is a good opportunity, but they can't get their hands on a car." Along with the cost of a vehicle, Crawford says car insurance rates in the New York City area can make ownership unaffordable.

Helping Her Clients Succeed

Crawford's company will make rideshare driving more accessible by renting cars to drivers with clean driving records through the rideshare rental marketplace Hyrecar. Unlike an ordinary rental, Crawford's rentals will come with workshops to help drivers boost their income and reputation. Topics will include how to earn the most money in a short amount of time and how to get five-star ratings.

Drivers will be able to rent cars by the day, week or month. Crawford sees daily rentals as an ideal opportunity for students, who can triple their investment with a day of driving.

Drivers will find Crawford's vehicles on social media, through word of mouth and on Hyrecar's website. Drivers will meet with Crawford prior to renting to inspect the car for damage, and they will have to put down a deposit. If the car is damaged during the rental period, the cost of the damage will be taken out of the deposit.

By working through Hyrecar, Crawford can take advantage of Hyrecar's insurance and the ability to post rentals on Hyrecar's site.

Launching the Business

Crawford's winnings include a LegalZoom corporation or LLC startup package, and her next step is to incorporate her business. She'll put her $5000 prize toward her first rental vehicle. And as the business develops, she'll have access to a full year of LegalZoom's prepaid legal services and downloadable legal forms and contracts.

Nearly 200 aspiring entrepreneurs applied for the entrepreneur scholarship grant. The 10 finalists and the winner were chosen based on viability, scalability, uniqueness, and social and local benefits. Judges were: Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at; Cam Kashani, transformational coach, CEO and co-founder of Co-Accel; Sean Percival, investor and entrepreneur at; Jeff Zwelling, COO of; and Marty Zwilling, CEO of Startup Professionals.